A Step Forward In 2018!!

“Goode Organics” is not only our business name, it is our Ethos. As of the beginning of this year we can now confidently tell our Customers that our Total offering is Organic and Environmentally Friendly!! For our Garden Maintenance and Landscaping Customers this means that you can feel confident that your Family and Pets are safe from the products we use and sell.

Healthy Earth has been a part of my life for 16 Years and has been a part of my Business since its Inception. Following some research and to accompany the Fertilser Range we also use an Organic Weedkiller (“Slasher”) which eliminates the need for Glyphosate!!! In addition we lubricate ALL of our Tools with “Stihl Bioplus Bar and Chain Oil” which is made from vegetable oil. This means that when we are Hedging, Pruning and Lopping we are not leaving harmful residue on your plants and around your Pets as well as the Local Fauna that might visit your space.

For any further information on the products we sell and use please feel free to email me and I will send out a Fact Page on each product requested.


I love the Green that Glows!


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