Ladybugs – Our Little Helpers

Hi Everyone,

With the warmer weather starting to sneak in its a great time to be getting out into our green spaces, Our Sanctuary.

My family and I were out in the Goode Organics Backyard on the weekend it is was great to see a few ladybugs here and there. Ladybugs are excellent little helpers in the garden as they can eat 50 – 60 aphids in a day!!! Its important to note that the presence of Ladybugs can also be an indicator that there may be an infestation of Aphids so please do take the time to look over the rest of your plants as a Plant Spray may be required. I always believe in taking a balanced approach so spotting a few here and there should not raise much concern.

Lady bug at work in your garden sanctuary

Attracting Ladybugs into your garden is fairly simple as they eat only two things, Insects and Pollen. The insects that Ladybugs eat will be attracted to new growth across the majority of plants already in your space. However if you wanted to take the next step and introduce flowering plants to attract our little mates then the following would be suitable:

  • Marigolds
  • Chives
  • Coriander
  • Fennel
  • Dill

Lady bug at work in your garden sanctuary

We hope you have found this post beneficial and as always we would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have!




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