Simon and Natalle – Spotswood

We were looking to turn our backyard into a functional yet sustainable space. Goode Organics understood these needs and not only planned the job but also provided key knowledge on building a vegie patch that provides us with an abundant supply of seasonal produce. Bayley’s tips on keeping the newly laid grass in best condition have also been of great assistance. Bayley’s passion for creating a space we can enjoy really shone throughout the planning and execution stages!!!

Simon and Natalle


Our Testimonials

Andrew – Springvale

Following a recommendation I called Bayley in relation to my large screening hedge (2.5m X 20m) which had become overgrown. Bayley came and gave a detailed consult so we both understood exactly what was to occur. During the service, areas of die back were identified and these were cut so that new growth could fill the gaps. My family and I were very happy with the result.


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