You’ve Gotta have a crack at Growing Your Own Food!

Over the last few weeks friends and customers have either started growing food for the first time or they have wanted to rejuvenate their existing patch. This has inspired me to get the message out there that Growing your own food can be such a rewarding experience!! You can enjoy this by planting out a few pots in a small courtyard/balcony or you can build a plot in an existing bed.

For instance, the Goode Organics Garden makes use of an old Clothes Line by hanging Vertical Planting Pots! My daughter and I often go out and tend to our Strawberries, Tomatoes, Rocket, Lettuce and the list goes on! We’ve had the Big Veggie Plot in the past but this took the focus away from my Bonsai. The key is Balance!! Balance between Space, Time, Climate and Desired Food. Growing your own food is a Guaranteed way to get your kids away from the screens and the appetite to try new Fruits and Veggies!! Most Kindergartens and Primary Schools now have this as part of the curriculum!!

Hanging Fruit and Vegetables
Hanging Fruit and Vegetables off an Old Clothesline!
Hanging Fruit and Vegetables
Hanging Salad Mix!










There is the Health benefits for both the Mind and Body!!! We all know the multitude of nutrients we receive by eating organic fruits and vegetables. When growing for yourself you know exactly what goes in it and of course how to care for and harvest it. Kids learn the patience and effort that goes into growing something special.

Vegetable Garden – little gardener with harvests of organic tomatoes


Finally, The Taste! There is nothing better then taking a bite out of a piece of Fruit or Veg that has been grown to its perfect point!


So what’s stopping you!! Get down to your local Garden Supplies store and get growing!!!




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