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At Goode Organics we believe that through Healing the Soil we can begin to Heal the Planet. A well balanced soil medium that has the right levels of Trace Elements and Minerals does not require the same level of Weed management solutions that unbalanced soil does. When paddocks have large amounts of unwanted plant material this is example of nature trying to heal the soil. Livestock also benefits from a higher mineral diet which reduces the need for supplements whilst improving weight. This is something we have proven time and time again with our Agri customers throughout Victoria and we would love the opportunity to present our approach to Soil Nutrition. It is important to note that we insist on Soil Testing throughout the implementation process. These tests are conducted by SWEP Analytical who are a completely independent Soil Testing facility.

As with all business itโ€™s important to diversify your income. To this we supply Healthy Earth fertiliserโ€™s to Retail and Commercial customers as well as providing Garden Services to those who care about their garden but simply donโ€™t have the time. The Gardening Range is available through our online shop however please check out our Victorian Stockistโ€™s should you wish to support a local business.

Goode Organics was created to follow a passion. One that has a love for all things Blue (Ocean) and Green (Earth). We wish to share this passion with you through our Company Values:

Healthy Soil, Healthy Crops and Livestock, Healthy Mind, Body and Energy.

Sustainable Agriculture, Grow your own food, Compost, Reduce and Reuse.


Goode Organics will continue to share knowledge with our customers.

Will be at the core of everything we do whether is working with our customers or providing knowledge.

The products we supply are formulated with the highest quality materials and we take pride in each of our business offerings.

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